Ultimate Karaoke Party Package

Complete Karaoke Machine Package (Order Code Klubpack 8ST)

Perfect for large parties - Pubs and clubs have also bought this
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Our easy to use popular Club 8 Karaoke System is featured on BBC TV's Eastenders and is suitable for large home parties as well as pubs and clubs.   The all important microphone mixer with digital effects  makes it ideal for open mic nights from guitars, keyboards and of course vocals.   If you're looking for an all round PA system with the Starsinger Club 8 Karaoke system makes it an ideal choice for all parties New improved system

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Karaoke Package

As used on BBC TV

The BBC Props store purchased outright our Club Pack 8 System for the East Enders Queen Vic Bar

Look out for it this Christmas, The BBC purchased the wireless mic option as shown in the photo


This item is also available for demonstration & collection in our showroom in Nottingham. 

You are very welcome to telephone us for more information, set up help or advice 0115 9753000






Zoom Karaoke tracks are professional, all songs  have definite endings with no fadeouts which means no more embarrassing moments as your singer carries on singing as the music fades to nothing.




SD Cards are the perfect way to access your songs and saves time swapping discs
Fast ripping CD+G onto USB & SD Cards Jukebox Function for MP3+G Songs   



Karaoke Package


Club Pack 8 Review
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 Verified purchase by Kim WOW I'm so happy with my Starsinger Karaoke I have been looking for one for a long time found it now Quality of the microphones & speakers are amazing the speaker stands are Excellent . Karaoke machine & amplifier easy to set up.Well Worth the money. If you like to sing you have to buy this.

Verified purchase Absolutely great fun. Product fairly easy to connect up and get started.Lots probably still to learn but all in all company very efficient


Verified purchase My husband absolutely loves it would recommend it to any one that loves a laugh with their friends


Madula Mwich  recently bought this unit and surprisingly it arrived much earlier than I anticipated as deliveries in Africa take quite a while to arrive. I struggled at first to get the hung of wiring it in because the manual for the player does not direct you to where you should plug in to the mixer/amplifier, but finally using my common sense I figured it out. Simply plugged in the other two cables into the tv and bingo!!! I must add that despite the navigational challenges wiring it in, this piece is too great for its value trust me. It can entertain a midsized group, but being a music person, I have found a way to wire it to my main music equipment to give it a much bigger output and carter for an even much bigger limitless audience. My kids and I have a date each evening singing our favorite songs and just playing. This has added value to my family and we have more family bonding time. I am investing in more kids karaoke.This peice is simply awesome!

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